What is the importance of Engagement or janai supari ?

What is the importance of Engagement or janai supari ? By priest Raj Khanal January 10, 2024
Janai Supari method:
Janai Supari/ engagement is the first day when boys and girls meet/talk to each other. It is also known as the day of Tikatala, betel nut sharing, curd, sweets to eat . This can be considered as the beginning of marriage. The main purpose of Janai Supari is to start preparations for marriage on behalf of parents. After getting to know each other, it’s time to get to know each other, move things forward and gradually prepare for self-marriage and marriage. Earlier, there was also a tradition of watching weddings auspicious day. In the meantime, the children’s reconciliation may be lost, even if it is lost, nothing will happen. If the reconciliation is progressing and there is love between each other, preparations are made for marriage. Janaisupari Engagement is the law of the bride’s mother-in-law consulting her daughter and formally inviting the boy/groom party after the total examination, groom investigation, groom inspection and birth chart consideration i.e. astrological number i.e. Ashtakut Melan (reconciliation chakra) test. In this, remembering the Lord and his deities, worshiping the lamp Kalash Ganesha, the girls and Kumars are welcomed with tika and garlands. Along with it, the betel nut, betel nut and dakshina are decided and placed in Kumar’s hand, and the promise is sealed. After the conversation is over, marriage is proposed for the Muhurta ( Auspicious date for marriage) or wedding ceremony, or later with the promise of invitation, Tika, Dakshina and lunch or dinner is done and everyone present in Kumar’s side is sent away. Thanks.
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