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Priest and Service Location     

Hindu Cultural Center can provide the Hindu Priest (Nepali, indian, Bangali ) and services for all Religious worship and events (Wedding, Bratabandha, Mundon, Pashni, Namkaran etc)

Our Hindu Cultural Center Address is 1330 April way, Herndon VA 20170 USA. While you make a call for any kind of pooja, Pitri karya or ceremony, we can choose the residential priest from your states. Our main Priest is RAJENDRA KHANAL- KHANAL GURU (Bachelor of Astrology from Nepal Sanskrit University in Nepal) is the resident priest in Washington DC, USA. Who is the expert in the Hindu pooja, Rituals, and Traditions. He has a Virginia Wedding Registration license from 2012, so he can provide Marriage Registration certificate after your Wedding ceremony. He speaks fluently Nepali, English, Sanskrit and Hindi. Before Coming to the USA he was an Astrology student in Nepal Sanskrit University in Kathmandu and he was doing the same Religious worked in there from 2001. He has organized many conferences and religious and cultural ceremony and events from 2001. After 2007, He is doing the best worship and helping to Nepali and Indian, and other community in USA.

Phone: 703-870-6480, 1-571-315-7682 office
Email: Khanalguru@gmail.com or khanalrasi@gmail.com

Email: info@hinduculturecenter.com or Hinduculturecenter@gmail.com

For all types of pooja-Archana, Abhishek, Marriages, Havans, and sanskars(culture), making and analyzing Cheena(Janma Kundali), Horoscopes and Vastu-Shastra, all Karma Kanda Sanskars, Vedic Pooja, Hawan, Yagya, and Astrological advise too.

HOROSCOPE – Astrological services (Luck power, Home, money, love, health, marriage, relationship, works, business, education, family and more problems and salves). For Astrological Appointment fee is minimum $25/Hour Other services Appointment fee is free. 

All kind of Vedic pooja – Nava Graha pooja, Satyanarayan Pooja, Rudri(Shiva Pooja), Namakaran, Pashni, Brata-Bandha(Mundan), Marriage-wedding Ceremony, Griha-prabesh, Vastu-Ghar pooja, Vedic Havan, Path etc).

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What is benefit for life member ?
Ans : First of all you get a lot of knowledge from this website, and you cultural events  and festival notification and get the NAG picture for every year.
What is the requirement for Life member for HCC?
Why we need to choose for Hcc priest in USA for all state ?
Answer 1. There are professional priest work full time and part timer. Honest with work ethic
Ans 2. Time table manage ( Schedule manage)
Time is very important for everybody. If you are not manage the time its too longer for any events. So we need to time manage for all events thats very important.
Ans 3. Cost manage
for example if you have a wedding ceremony plan you need to have a budget, so how much you can contribute for each part like camera person, videography, decoration, priest cost, licensing cost, pre-wedding cost, pooja materials cost and food manage, Reception party cost. Everything you can get advise from our HCC priest.
Ans 4- they are all educated person sanskrit pronounsation and fully  characterized.
So thats the reason we can choose HCC Priest for everything in all religious ceremony in USA.
Who is the professional Nepali priest in USA ? Nepali Guru ?

Rajendra Khanal
Who is the professional Hindu Priest  or Hindu Guru in USA DC area ? Rajendra Khanal
HCC priest is the Professional priest like Rajendra khanal.

Office hours :  

Monday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Tuesday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Thursday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Friday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Sunday: only open for appointment.

Call for Appointment @ 703-870-6480

Location: 1330 April way 

Herndon, VA 20170