• All types of Poojas  , Archana, Abhishek, ( Worship),Marriages, Havans and Sanskars,
  • Making and analyzing Cheena(Janma Kundali),
  • Horoscopes and Vastu-Shastra,
  • All Karma Kand Sanskars, Vedic Poojas, Hawan, Yagna and Namekaran, Anna prashan( Pashni),Bratabandha (Chuda-Mundan, Upanayan, Vedarambha and Samavartan)and   Astrological service.
  • HOROSCOPE ( Luck power, Home, money, love, health, marriage, relationship, works, business, education, family and more problems and solves).
  • All kind of vedic pooja 
  • Graha pooja, Satyanarayan pooja, Rudri, Brata-bandha{mundan}, Marriage, Griha-prabesh, Vastu pooja, Graha Dasha Shanti, Vedic Havan etc).
  • For this all service we can provide with Priest and worship materials in all states of USA and Canada. 
  • Whole Wedding package (wedding materials, Jay Mala, Mandap Decoration, Wedding Hall, photo/video graphy etc) 
  • ALL INFO ABOUT HINDU CULTURE , SANATAN Dharma ( Traditional) with News update and Calendar and events. 
    In Future 
  • we have a planning for wedding match software develop, so we helping more young generation. If you want to be a volunteer service please contact us we need your assistance for this project.  Thanks contact :  703-870-6480 USA

email :

or Call for Appointment @ 703-870-6480 

HCC worship Rates for Devotees-      
Name of Pooja/Services HCC Rate Priest Time (Hours)  
1. Ganesh Pooja or Durga Pooja $125.00 1 3 Hour  
2. Satyanarayan Pooja & katha. $175.00 1 4 Hour  
3.  Rudri Pooja and Navagraha  pooja with  Rudri  Path)  $175.00 1 5 Hour  
4.  Upnayan (Bratbandha). $255.00 1 or 2 4-5 Hour  
5. Bibaha ( wedding) $275.00 1 or 2 4-5 Hour  
6.  Pitri Shradha and Tarpan $155.00 1 4 Hour  
7. Ghar Pooja(vastu, Hawan with Rudri pooja and Path ) $255.00 1 or 2 5-7 Hour  
7.1 New Griha Prawesh or Ghar pooja or both  $155.00 1 1-4 Hour  
8.  Namakaran (Nwaran) $145.00 1 3 Hour  
8.1 Pashni with Hawan $145.00 1 3 Hour  
 9. Bishnu Sahasranam and Geeta Path. $195.00 1 5-6 Hour  
10. Saptasati Path $195.00 1 5-6 Hour  
11.  Nawagraha Pooja, jap, Path

11.1 Any Purvanga or GrahaShanti 

$155.00 1 or 2 3-6 Hour  
12.  Bed Path all  $250/per 4 5-6 Hour  
13. Janmotsav (Birthday) Puja $105.00 1 3 Hour  
14. Bhagwat Path all (Ekaha) $251/per  11 8 Hour  
15. Dasha Gatra Bidhi  (After Death)  10+3                              TBD

Or Garuda Puranam Bachan  TBD 

16.Jagaran/Bhajan /Kritan      TBD 

16.1. Eakaha/Saptaha Yagya    TBD                                 

1 or 2


Per day 3 to 5Hr  until 13 days  
17. Any Vrata, pooja with group (Teej, Panchami , shreekrishnastami, shivaratri etc) $35/person 1 3 Hour or more  
18. Astrological services  per appointment Minimum $25/H 1 or 2 1 hour or more  
Note: This is only for the Service Rate, not listed in the Priest Dakshina or Dan (Devotee’s Choice whatever), We would determine based on a mutual understanding between the priest (Contractor) and HCC. Devotee should pay by Check or Credit/Debit for Hindu Cultural Center when done worship or prepaid accepted. Dan-Dakshina whatever can give, we can’t determine Dan and Dakshina. If you want to using the second (Assistance Priest ) for same pooja services Minimum is $175 add. Thanks   
** Any type of Puja materials will be provided by HCC, if needed for Devotee and any materials provided by HCC’s priest should be reimbursed by devotee there will be some charge for package only. Should ask for priest about any pooja Materials package or call for 703-870-6480 or 571-315-7682. 

Thanks for visiting here and using our HCC priest.


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