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Wedding Package

Hindu Wedding, Nepali wedding, Indian Wedding,  Eastern wedding, south Asian Wedding, Asian Wedding

Package price :- Depend on place, people, time and efforts.

Please contact for all details :

703-870-6480 or

This Package Includes:-
1. Photography : –  photos (Edited Soft copy approx.) provided.

2. Videography- Fully edited HD quality video provided.

3. Fully decorated mandap

4. pooja materials package ( include all worship materials) 

5. Purohit/ Pundit Jee for Dakshina and gifts. 

6. Venue charge.

7. 2/2 Duboko mala with fulko mala/ Sindur, Sindrelo, Lagangaatho, Lagna Patrika, Nimta patra etc.

 8. Kalash, Karuwa, and all required wedding utensils 

9. Dudh, Dahi, Gheeu, Sakhkhar fruits, honey, flowers, Laddu, Peda, kaju Almond mix nuts,  and others essentials for wedding rituals and saipata materials etc.

10. Snacks and Lunch or Dinner ( if you want to include sell roti with Achar more memorable snacks, other items depend on your orders) 

11.  Chairs, mattress, Chakati and plastic cover.

12.  Dress changing room/ Mehendi (Temporary)

13. Make up and dress up of Bride & groom by Beauty-parlor.

14. Marriage certificates by state with Priest signature.

15. Wedding Reception or party also provided

Individual and group photo session at the end of event

This Package Excludes:-

*Note: This package is especially meant for those who live in USA and Canada only.  If you want to wedding other then this country Nepal or India we can give you some advice and contact numbers.  Thanks

आफ्नो सँस्कार र सँस्कृतिको जुनसुकै देश र ठाउँमा बसे पनि पालन गरौँ । असल सन्तानको लागि सुरुआत हो विवाह संस्कार । जब विवाह सँस्कार विधिपूर्वक हुन्छ सन्तान पनि धार्मिक र सँस्कारिक जन्मन्छ ।  यी सबै विवाहसम्बन्धी प्याकेजको सेवा प्रदान गर्न हामी समर्थ छौँ, यी मध्ये कुनै पनि प्याकेज अर्डर गर्नु भएमा हामी सेवाको लागि हाजिर हुनेछौँ । धन्यवाद,  एचसीसी टिम अमेरिका । सम्पर्क : ७०३-८७०-६४८०  वासिंटन डिसी ।


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