Sel Roti ( Prasad) सेलरोटी


This item is for pooja or any special occasions, . Just 1 for $1.99sale price. If you want to more you need to purchase quantity 200 or 500. If you need discount you need to call us. If you need more info please call or email us. Can order anywhere from USA but we can deliver locally in hand. This item can’t deliver by mail. Call : 703-870-6480 or Thanks.



It is one of the most “unique Nepali dishes, a sweet rice bread, distinct from any other breads of the world.”

Sel-Roti resembles a large thin puffed-up doughnut and has a crispy texture with reddish brown color.  It is prepared by grinding soaked rice to create a thick batter.  It is then mixed with sugar, clarified butter, mashed banana, water, poured into bubbling oil and deep-fried.  It is a popular as a festive bread for many different occasions. Pooja, wedding, bratabandha (Mundan) etc.


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