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The Hindu Cultural Center (HCC) is providing a Religious services and Astrological services in USA from 2008. Our service is especially in DC Metro Area like DC, Maryland and Virginia and we do for All USA 50 states and Canada too.   

The Hindu Cultural Center is any religious organizations to serve For all Americans Hindu sampradayas and Nepali sampradaya. Religious services for All Vedic Pooja, Bhoomi Pooja, Grihpravesh, Vastu Pooja, NaamKarana, Bratabandha(Mundan and Upanayan), Marriage,  Satyanarayan Puja, Vehicle puja).

ASTROLOGICAL Advices for Cheena or Janma Kundali (making and analyzing) Horoscope, Vastu, Luck, Wealth, Marriage Life, Love etc.)

In other services we can provide a priest in any states of America and some place of Canada too. We provide the worship materials for all kind of ceremony or any kind of pooja too.  And we prepare for our priest how to perform any kind of worship in here without any trouble? We can provide to the hall renting for any kind of cultural event, seminar and ceremony with food (prasad) management and making a Mandap or stage also.

We teach people who are really interested in our old tradition and benefit from the God by Hindu Mythology and our priests can help you from planning to execution. Get Lord’s Blessings before starting anything new.

We appreciate all religious people because they were coming from same one Religion That one is “Sanatan Dharma “when nothing to start any name of religion. Now their not a big different Just Call for different name.

We also treat for people who really interested about astrologically believe and research for planet study.

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